Rule # 1 Will be expected to make 3 levels a week, unless on vacation, work
assignment, or personal problems.

Rule # 2 If gone on vacation, work assignment, or have a personal problem must
inform the guild founder of how long. If it goes longer than you said go online
shortly and give a message so.

Rule # 3 You will obey the NAP(non aggression pact) agreements between us
and other guilds.

Rule # 4 The leaders of the guild are myself, grobak, svens, dragonpuki, hotwolf,
Mrwright, Razkabob, and Boaz1017. Make sure to follow their instructions.

Rule # 5 Group attacks will not be formed to attack regular creatures it will be for
champion and elite creatures only. This is due to the fact that you will have
waisted 5 points each of 11 characters stamina, which can amount to an average
of 4,000 experience lost for those players.

Rule # 6 Always keep 3 spots open in the guild store so the group attack leaders
can gain their items that they win. Only the group leader can take this item.

Rule # 7 Cannot use items put into the guild store for personal gain without
permission from leadership! Can only take items that you are high enough level
to use them. Thieves will be hunted down by the guild and its allies and killed
until they no longer play FS!

Rule # 8 Everyone has the abilities to help recruit players. These players must
be of level 50 or above, and cannot be from guilds that are allied or have NAP
agreements with ours! Only the guild leaders will have authority to rank members
still so if a player joins and by some reason a leader is not present inform them to
play and the leader will rank them when they come on and for all those who can
buff them!

Rule # 9 There is a new standing agreement by the top 100 guilds that all
players that are considered bad by the guild founder will be reported to the other
founders and not allowed to join!